My Akashic Records Reading with Meena Ruchi

Episode title:​  My Akashic Records Reading with Meena Ruchi

Episode summary introduction:​

In this episode, Meena Ruchi, Akashic Records Reader and meditation instructor, performs an Akashic Records reading on me and demonstrates what the records are, what you can expect, how it can impact your life, and ways that the records can help your life expand and uplevel. 

In this episode you might find yourself also incredibly inspired and getting some of your own ah-ha's merely off the messages that Meena has for me. The messages that came through are great points to ponder for so many people!

Join Meena as she demonstrates the depth of her talent — from compassion to intuition to psychic connection — and helps me sink into some big ah-has and helps to open up my heart to possibilities of how to move forward!

This is a follow up episode to episode #36! If you haven't listened yet, make sure to check out "Akashic Records For Highly Motivated & Driven People with Meena Ruchi" 

Get To Know Meena Ruchi:

Meena Ruchi is an Akashic Records Reader and meditation instructor. 

She loves helping people who feel stuck or uninspired by life connect with their purpose, so they can cultivate clarity and contentment.

After spending over a decade seeking her own purpose, and finally finding it through the Akashic Records, she finds great joy in bringing this magical perspective to others, helping them to find greater clarity and meaning in their own lives.

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Instagram: @meenaruchimagic

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