Akashic Records For Highly Motivated & Driven People with Meena Ruchi

Episode title:​  Akashic Records For Highly Motivated & Driven People with Meena Ruchi

Episode summary introduction:​

Even though the Akashic Records are slowly becoming more talked about, there are still so many people who have never heard of it before. Yet, it can be such a powerful tool to help you become fully aligned and integrated into the life you always dreamed of. And, for some, like today's guest, Meena Ruchi, it can literally help to save your life! 

In this episode, Meena talks all about what the Akashic Records are, what they are not, why they are a valuable tool for highly motivated and driven people, and how you can start to connect with them. She also talks about her journey and why for her, being a workaholic and highly motivated person, the Akashic Records were the one tool that helped her take back her life, calm her anxiety, become a better decision maker, and step into a life that felt much more aligned and happy!

Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​

- Get to know Meena Ruchi, her word of embodiment, and how she is living it right now [4:55]

- Meena's journey, how she started to work with the Akashic Records, and how it saved her as a self-proclaimed workaholic [12:15]

- What are the Akashic Records and what can people expect with accessing it  [26:56]

- What lessons Meena learned from accessing the records, how she opened up her limited belief on what life really was, and how it helped her work her decision-making muscles [34:05]

- How to use the records to shift and change in decision-making, how you are able to make quicker, better decisions, and why the Akashic Records are not some "spiritual mumbo-jumbo" [39:00]

- Who can tap into the Akashic Records, are some people more naturally inclined to get there, and how can people tap into it [43:32]

- Learning discernment between ego and divine guidance [50:08]

- Most common questions that people ask, what questions work well and which do not [53:57]

- If you are feeling called to the Akashic Records, why are they so important right now, especially for high-achievers, highly motivated, or workaholic personalities? Can they help you step into deeper alignment? [57:03]

- Where the Akashic Records are heading and future vision of how they can impact the lives of people [1:06:51]

- How to connect with Meena, where you can find her, and last words [1:08:28]

Get To Know Meena Ruchi:

Meena Ruchi is an Akashic Records Reader and meditation instructor. 

She loves helping people who feel stuck or uninspired by life connect with their purpose, so they can cultivate clarity and contentment.

After spending over a decade seeking her own purpose, and finally finding it through the Akashic Records, she finds great joy in bringing this magical perspective to others, helping them to find greater clarity and meaning in their own lives.

Free Meditation Class: http://meenaruchi.com/free-monthly-meditation-class/

Instagram: @meenaruchimagic


Links Mentioned In The Show:

- Sign up for a Crystal Reiki Healing Session (virtual and in-person options available) [30:50]

Website: meenaruchi.com [1:08:45]

Free Guided Visualization: http://meenaruchi.com/free/ [1:09:27]


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