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It All Starts With Energy... 

It gets tiring trying to be like everyone else or do as everyone does to improve your health.

But that is all you have to go off of. And over and over again, you get the same results...

Ones that do not stick or ones that make you feel worse than you did before you started...

...which leaves you feeling defeated, untrusting, and frustrated. 

Here is the big secret they don't tell you: Your needs are unique and you need a customized approach that goes way beyond JUST the food you eat and the way you move your body.

To start building the health of your dreams, you need approaches bringing you authentic energy:

Energy Balancing

Your energy body health responds to your lifestyle choices and the people you surround yourself with. Are you building yourself up or slowing yourself down?

Physical Customization

Your physical body health is a fine-tuned vessel needing specific approaches through root cause healing nutrition, mobility work, and physical therapy techniques based off your needs. 

Mindset Shifting

Your mental & emotional health have unique stories, beliefs, and habits that push you forward or hold you back. Optimize your mindset and rewire your brain.

Hi, I'm Tansy!

Are you spreading that beautiful energy you were born to share?  

When I realized I was holding back from being truly authentic, I took the leap to fuse my passions with my "how I was born to serve."

Through my work as an Energy Healer, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Crystal Reiki practitioner, Crystal Healer, holistic health coach, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist Assistant, podcaster, and speaker, we uncover your unique needs & authenticity by help you to gain unshakable confidence, lessen your overwhelm, decrease your brain fog, and work through your health obstacles.

Let's help you spread that beautiful energy you were born to share!

More About Me

Energetic Support & Offerings  

The Energy Fix Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to help you balance your energetic body by diving deep into the sweet world of all things health and spirituality. Everything influences everything and this is why we cover topics like nutrition, body movement, mindset shifting, brain rewiring, spirituality, emotional release, energy balancing, personal empowerment, your lifestyle choices, and so much more! 

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Coaching, Courses, & Classes

Real transformation needs real guidance and for each person that may look a bit different. Don't worry — there is a "C" to fit your needs! Here is where you can find a class or a course around energetic nutrition and a multitude of holistic healing concepts —physical therapy, body movement, mindset, chakras, & energy balancing. Or, you can dive into 1:1 coaching for a more customized approach that brings life- fulfilling results.

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Crystals & Therapeutic Jewelry

I have been crystal crazy since I was a wee little girl! I could feel the healing powers of crystals and wanted them around me all the time. But, I don't always have pockets and I can't stuff too many in my bra. Sound familiar? Tada— Handmade &  therapeutic crystal jewelry was born! All pieces are custom created by me and set with the intention to bridge the your health obstacle gap. You can also find crystal bundles and other sparkly crystal delights here in this shop. 

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Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions 

Every day you are picking up the energy of the people, places, and things that surround you. Good and bad! Some energies can stick to you like glue and even get stuck in your body. Clearing out those energies and rebalancing your body is essential for physical, mental, and emotional health. Your energetic field is directly tied to your ailments. Sign up for a Crystal Reiki session to get your body, mind, & spirit back into balance.

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Testimonials & Love   

 Heike Martin

"Huge shoutout to Tansy Rodgers for helping me find joy again in exercising. Tansy took time to understand my personality, the type of exercising I actually enjoy and what my body needed to have the strength and mobility to do my job as a photographer. So, if you need personalized and gentle coaching to get your health on the right track, give Tansy a call."

Abbey Hern

"Today, I see a completely different girl. I have changed physically and emotionally before my eyes and I believe in myself. First and foremost, I am happy.  JOYFUL!  I am intentional in my decisions – not just relating to food choices, but relating to so many things.  I feel good. I am motivated and dreaming and have so much energy.  After working with Tansy, I now smile from the inside out."

Wendy Marcelli

"Tansy has the ability to convey information about nutrition, exercise, and the human body in a fun, clear and concise manner. I feel so fortunate to have as a resource to reach my personal goals!"

Elena Ferrara

"I had a really great time working with you this year and definitely saw a lot of improvement. I feel better about myself and am continuing to work on myself, mostly thanks to you! "

Lisa Torba

"Tansy was absolutely amazing to work with. She made me feel very comfortable from the start of our conversations talking about what was important to me and what I was looking for in my search. From the onset of our appointment it was relaxing & easyI will continue to recommend her. She is truly a gifted human and healer."

Julie Lynch

"Reiki with Tansy is an experience that feeds your soul and helps you release deep held tension you didn't realize you had. Walking into the session with a vague idea of what Reiki is, Tansy gently guided me through the experience of what to expect. Surrounded by crystals on the table, I was able to feel the pull and tug of energy working through my body to release those emotional blockages. It was freeing to work through the visualizations and get a better glimpse of what I've been struggling with. Reiki is definitely an experience you want to be open to so Tansy can utilize her gift of energy healing to benefit you."

Dan Ober

" Tansy’s crystal reiki sessions are powerful, rejuvenating and eye-opening . You will definitely see results and be given a recording at the end of your healing session to reference as time moves forward. She is extremely thorough , knowledge, and highly adept at what she does. She truly cares for others which is evident from the moment you meet her. I highly recommend her crystal reiki sessions. It is something you can’t get anywhere else."


Jane Stimell

"I have worked with Tansy weekly for the past two years.  She always keeps the health, mental and physical, of her clients in the forefront. She puts much emphasis on progress and increasing goals in an attempt to challenge her clients.  Overall, I saw a significant decrease in my stress level, as getting out of my room and into the gym was very beneficial.  I have also seen an increase in my strength and balance.  Everyday activities have gotten easier for me."

Alaina Sforza

"Tansy is fantastic, and I would recommend her to anyone. When I began working with Tansy I could barely do a push-up, now I can crank out 20 with ease. It is really obvious to me that Tansy puts an extensive amount of time and effort into the routines she individually creates for her clients. I have gotten much stronger with Tansy's help and have learned a great deal about my own strengths and weakness as well as health in general. I have enjoyed working with her and hope to continue to do so!"

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