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The Mind-Body-Soul Detox

Old ways won't open new doors! We have all traveled the long, lonely road through Plateau-ville and it can be frustrating, exhausting, and confusing. What used to work, no longer does (or maybe it never did!). Everything just feels gunked up. It's time you experienced a customized energetic nutrition and health approach. In this 1:1 coaching program, you discover what's working, what's not, and how to let go of the obstacles that are holding you hostage and not allowing you to move forward. 

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Crystal Reiki Session

These sessions can either be virtual or in-person, in-person if you live in my local area. The option to choose is available when you book your session. 

These sessions mix Reiki and crystal healing to bring you a deeper impact in your session. Each session is 90-minutes and includes your Reiki healing session, custom-made crystal protocols, and a recording of the session follow-up/ discussion of how to best move forward. 

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