Inspirational. Innovative. Athletic. Passionate. I'm Tansy Rodgers.

You want results. Period. My goal is to get you the results you want and to keep you inspired to bring health and fulfillment back into your life. Together, we will create more self-confidence, a leaner body, a less stressed mind, increased energy, and a more connected spirit to what is most important to you in your life. You will become an upgraded version of yourself and the rockstar that you always knew you could be!

Inspiration and support every step of the way. I will guide you on your journey and be your confidant and cheerleader to help inspire you every step of the way. I know how challenging change can be when you are faced with your fears and insecurities. I know how easy it can be to give up when you feel alone and unsupported. That is exactly why I pride my work and our relationship on being there for you through the thick and thin—giving you the peace of mind that you will never ever be doing this alone again! 

I deliver innovative, concise, and structured counseling and coaching programs that are focused on your individual needs. Every woman and her personal situation is different. Why would we all follow the same set of rules to getting healthier? What might work for me, may not work for you. I counsel you with guidelines and help you create a personalized blueprint to increase your self-confidence, bring you daily fulfillment, improve your health, and empower the heck of you—now and for the rest of your life. 

Innovation and inspiration excite me and that is exactly why I want to share it with you every chance I get. Whenever I have a tip that I think you will find completely awesome and helpful or when I offer a new product or deal, my newsletter subscribers are the first to find out. Sign up below to become part of the beU Complete tribe!

"Although I'd worked out for years, I made little progress and too often suffered injuries. One of those injuries sent me to physical therapy, where I encountered Tansy Rodgers. Her close attention to positioning and careful monitoring impressed me. When I learned she was also a trainer, I thought she would be exactly the person to guide me to avoid reinjuring myself. I was right. Tansy is very conscious of my strengths and weaknesses, and her programs are tailored perfectly to me. She is creative and flexible; when I am having trouble with something, she will always find a way to adapt it for my needs. Above all, she is encouraging, and that alone has helped me progress and keep going more than anything. Thanks, Tansy!"

-KP, Lancaster, PA

I am a a multi-passionate empowered athlete. I grew up being inspired by athletic and self-confident women. I wanted to enhance every cell of who I was, so I set off on my own journey at 18 years old. Even though I was athletic in high school—playing basketball for my school team, running, and lifting weights, I did not really become passionate about my level of health and personal empowerment until the day I walked through the doors of my father's basement gym.  On the walls were pictures of strong athletic men and women. They looked lean and self-confidence and healthy. The women looked empowered and proud. It was my revelation! I wanted to aspire to what, in my eyes, was greatness, so I began to research and read anything that I could get my hands on that would help to enhance my knowledge about health, physical fitness, spirituality, and self-improvement. My unquenchable thirst become my prime motivator to serve and give back to you.

What have I learned in my journey?

This physical body is nothing without a strong and sound mind.  I am a huge advocate for finding balance in oneself. Yoga, Pilates, mediation, and any other form of mind-body connective activity is a vital portion of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I personally have experienced the healing world of alternative medicine, natural healing, and raw and organic eating. Because I believe in living as clean and natural as possible, I counsel and teach through holistic healing techniques. If we can learn to respect our earth and it's resources and surround ourselves with a less obtrusive way of living, not only will we be provided with a better world to live in and a healthier body, but also an extraordinary amount of energy to enjoy it.

My original inspiration for setting me on my journey remains, however, it has transformed over the years. My motivation to live a healthy and fit lifestyle is now inspired by my own feelings of mental and physical wellbeing and by the opportunities available to help other women achieve their goals. Remember, my friend, you are limitless and can achieve anything that you can create in your mind's eye. Believe in yourself and your ability to take back your life. I believe in YOU!