Not sure where to start?

Each journey is different — it's the getting started that's the same.

Here's my recommended first steps to build, ignite, & inspire:

Step 1: Listen to, watch, and subscribe to my free content

Take advantage of the free stuff! You get a ton of value in just the content. If you haven't seen that yet, then go there first. You can listen to my Podcast (The Energy Fix), check out my YouTube channel ( The Energy Fix), or stalk me on Instagram (@beucrystals & @tansyrodgerswellness).

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Step 2: Pick one of the 3 C's 

Now that you got a taste for my flavor, it's time to dive deeper. I have classes, courses, and coaching available — and, I'm regularly adding in new offerings. This is where you can also find my Crystal Reiki sessions. I believe that to be successful, you need to start at the level you're at. This is exactly why I'm always adding in new classes and courses to help you on your own unique journey. Sign up, sink in, and get ready to expand!

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] .

Step 3:

Shop products & handmade jewelry 

We all needs tools to support our journey — I believe in pulling all my tools out of my toolbox to help you build the healthy life that you always wanted! In this community, you have access to discounted products that I fully trust (and use myself!), discounted programs, custom-made essential oil rollerbottles, and my own line of handmade therapeutic crystal jewelry. Step into your "Choose your own ending" book and create your most healing story today. Click here to shop.

Step 4: Celebrate you!

Taking steps forwards and getting out of your comfort zone can be hard. It can be down right scary! That's why it is important to take this time to celebrate you, your achievements, and your commitment to yourself on this journey. Do a little dance, brag yourself up, buy yourself something nice, and just love on yourself. You deserve it!

I want to hear all about it! Email me at [email protected] and share all your wins and forward movements. Nothing is too big or too small — you are worth celebrating!