Embracing Worthiness & Self-Love To Shift Old Family Paradigms with Terri Britt

Episode title:​  Embracing Worthiness & Self-Love To Shift Old Family Paradigms with Terri Britt

Episode summary introduction:​

Terri Britt says "Claim Your Crown!" The world is shifting. And, the paradigms we know are shifting even faster. Now, more than ever, it is critical to help the shift happen so that we can create a better world around us. The first step of doing that is learning how to step into gratitude, surrender and unconditional self-love, not only for the way we interact with the world but for our own inner landscape and wellbeing. 

In this episode, join Terri Britt as she talks about how winning the Miss USA crown was a pivotal moment to catapult her into her own self-growth and healing, what she learned when she learned to step into gratitude and surrender, why unconditional love is the first step to becoming the change, why it is essential that we start to shift the old family paradigms, and how you can begin to heal and transform your sense of worthiness in a society that is set up to make you feel unworthy. This episode is jam-packed with inspirational goodness!

Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​

- Get to know Terri Britt, her word of embodiment, and how she is living it right now [5:05]

- Stepping into gratitude, surrender, and letting go [9:54]

- Terri's journey, how she got to where she is now, and how she is influencing the family and global paradigm shifts that are happening right now [14:08]

- Unconditional self-love, teaching others to love themselves, and poverty consciousness vs. prosperity consciousness [32:00]

- Old family paradigms, why it's important to shift that, and why it is most important now [45:50]

- Worthiness, it's effect as a core wound, why do women struggle so much with worthiness, and how can you shift this [52:29]

- How to start stepping into feeling worthiness and heal that core wound  [1:07:03]

- How to connect with Terri, where you can find her, and last words [1:14:00]

Get To Know Terri Britt:

Former Miss USA, Terri Britt, is the founder of Women Leaders of Love global community, and is a Spiritual Coach, Energetic Healer and Change Agent for women and their families. She’s the author of several books, including the award-winning, "The Enlightened Mom," as well as her newest e-book, "Women Leaders of Love." For over twenty years, Terri has been inspiring people to claim their crowns and own their worth, so they feel nurtured, loved and supported in every area of life, and become pioneers of change for their families, communities and the world.

Website: www.terribritt.com

Links Mentioned In The Show:

- Terri's TedX Talk: https://rb.gy/debpzx

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Worthiness Quotient Quiz: www.terribritt.com/quiz [1:00:30]

- Terri's powerful transformational digital program, "The Worthiness Quotient. Use coupon code 'TALK' to get 50% off!: www.terribritt.com/worthy [1:15:30]

- Free Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle: www.terribritt.com/leaders (You’ll receive her life-changing e-book, “Women Leaders of Love,” as well as three companion guided meditations to help you step into your purpose.) [1:17:40]

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