Midlife Women, Intuition, and Optimizing Health with Dr. Lisa Petty

Episode title:​  Midlife Women, Intuition, and Optimizing Health with Dr. Lisa Petty 

Episode summary introduction:​

Cultural expectations and societal pressures, coupled with the fear of trusting that gut feeling (aka your intuition) can hold you back from stepping into your great health, wellness, and happiness. Research shows this. However, so many women, especially during midlife, find this to be challenging. But it is during the midlife years that listening to and acting upon your intuition can give you the greatest rewards.

Join Dr. Lisa Petty in her discussion about why she went from nutrition coaching to helping midlife women heal on a deeper level. She talks about cultural and societal influences, programming, what the intuition is, how to start better listening to it, why is it critical to start teaching our sons and boys about the women's shifting, how listening to your body's intuition can optimize your health, and so much more!

Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​

- Get to know Dr. Lisa Petty, her word of embodiment, and how she is living it right now [6:51]

- Intuition and the role of television and media influences on trusting intuition [13:00]

- Lisa's journey, how she got to where she is now, why she loves midlife, and why her passions needed to shift [16:25]

- The importance of influencing our children, especially boys, to help create the shift for midlife women [25:50]

- Pivotal moments for her shifting and what she saw as common themes in midlife women trying to enhance their wellness [29:40]

- Your innate wisdom, what it is, and can anyone tap into it? [33:53]

- Cultural expectations, social pressures, the words we accept, and their impact on our intuition and trusting your senses  [47:15]

- How your body and health shift as you listen to your intuition  [53:00]

- How tune up your intuitive voice and dull down culture and societal influences [57:15]

- Lisa's book, "Forget About Having It All," and where the inspiration for the book came from [1:03:10]

- Where Lisa sees our future going in regards to society and how women step into their intuition [1:11:10]

- How to connect with Lisa, where you can find her, and last words [1:13:29]

Get To Know Dr. Lisa Petty:

Dr. Lisa Petty started her career as a holistic nutritionist and health researcher, and quickly became recognized as a speaker, journalist, award-winning author and media health expert. She hosted a live call-in health talk radio show in Canada for 5 years. After several years working with women who struggled to follow through on their health goals, Lisa earned a PhD for her research on how midlife women experience self-care in the face of the social pressures on them to be perfect in every facet of their lives. Lisa now helps midlife women navigate midlife and create the life they really want.

  • Get her self-guided "Wellbeing Check-In" for women who are out of the habit of being in their bodies, and could benefit from some self-focus: www.lisapetty.com/checkin 
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  • Social media: @drlisapetty

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- Ways to get your hands on the 'Nutrition & Nourishment 90- Minute Intensive": Tansy's Instagram Handle- @tansyrodgerswellness ; Tansy's website- www.tansyrodgers.com [4:22]

- Midlife Alchemy FB group: [1:14:05]

- Lisa's Website: www.lisapetty.com/checkin  [1:14:30]

- Free Daily Newsletter "The Mindful Minute" [1:15:05]

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