Breathwork, The Nervous System, & Vagus Nerve Health with Valerie Scagliola

Episode title:​ Breathwork, The Nervous System, & Vagus Nerve Health with Valerie Scagliola

Episode summary introduction:​

Breathwork is so much more than just taking a breath and exhaling it — It gives life, it give health, and it detoxes the body (mentally, emotionally, and physically). And when using it to stimulate the vagus nerve, one of the major players of your overall immune health, you take the healing power to the next level. 

This is a jam-packed episode! In this episode, Valerie dives deep into specific techniques of breathing for detoxing the body, releasing trapped emotions, decreasing stress, and stimulating the throat chakra. She talks about how you can use it anywhere, anytime and make it an effect tool for calming your system/improving your health in various areas of life. From the lion's breath to the humming bee to the ocean breath, Valerie covers so much technique and protocol that she gives her clients to help them learn self-love, letting go, being seen, and healing their lives. 

Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​

- Getting to know Valerie, what word she is embodying right now, and what self-care practice helps her stay in that embodiment [8:57]

- Nervous system regulation, the branches of the autonomic nervous system and how to recognize what branch you are in [17:22]

- Why digestion is directly tied to your nervous system and why it is important to manage your stress for better digestion [19:22]

- Breathing example for easy, anywhere stress reduction and for helping to promote sleep — Valerie's favorite! [25:07]

- Breathwork ratio, exercise, and technique for better performance [29:17]

- Can you breath too deeply, the acronym LSD, and best breathing practices [32:55]

- The vagus nerve, what it is, and why it is important for health [36:45]

- Breathwork and the vagus nerve and the 4 main breath work techniques that Valerie likes to use to stimulate the vagus nerve [38:40]

- Humming breathing, throat chakra stimulation, Lion's breath technique, and how it can better your overall communication and expression  [45:10]

- Breathwork techniques, 3 specific types for regulating nervous system, and 1 specific type for trapped emotion release [47:55]

- Breathwork release sessions and the technique to access subconscious, memories, and stored emotions [50:00]

- Vagal tone, what it is, why you want high vagal tone, and how it affects your health [52:56]

- Breathwork recommendations to increase vagal tone and/or increase overall health [55:10]

- How to connect with Valerie, what she is up to in her business, and last thoughts [59:22]

Get to know Valerie Scagliola:

Valerie is a Certified Breathing Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps people improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being with the healing power of the breath. 

Drawing from a collection of somatic-based healing modalities, she guides you to release stored emotions and regulate your nervous system. Her approach is a unique blend of pranayama, therapeutic breathing, gentle movement, and self-discovery. Her passion lies in creating a safe haven for you to be seen, let go, and heal.


Instagram:   (@havenbreathwork)


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  • Self-Care Circle (6-week group program)


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 "Breaking Down The Barriers To Success" Masterclass [4:22]

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Cover Photography: Lara Koppmann