Aligning Traditional Chinese Medicine To Your Individual Diet & Lifestyle Needs with Brandy Falcon

Episode title:​ Aligning Traditional Chinese Medicine To Your Individual Diet & Lifestyle Needs with Brandy Falcon

Episode summary introduction:​

 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for centuries and it has been practiced all over the world. We have seen an influx in its practices in our modern day society, even in ways that we may not recognize. From common everyday symptoms to disease to pain issues to general wellness, TCM has proven to be helpful in increasing the quality of life for so many. Yet so many people are not even aware of it and aware of how its practices can bring so much relief.

In this episode, Brandy Falcon discusses what TCM is, how so many are already practicing its wisdom (and don't realize it), and how you can begin to better implement its practices to enhance your own health. She also discusses topics such as the healing aspects of nature, how to bring the healing aspects of nature into your home, yin and yang, the benefits of acupuncture, qi, and so much more!

**Audio Note: Audio is not as high quality due to tech glitches. Back up audio needed to be used. Thank you for understanding and thank you for listening!

Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​

- Getting to know Brandy, what lights her up right now, and the self-care that she is doing to support what is lighting her up [5:35]

- How Brandy got started in biology, how she did a huge 180 degree turn, and why she felt that she needed to start following her life purpose [8:45]

- How Brandy transitioned into a more aligned life and how she found the courage to make the leaps she needed [16:00]

- What Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is and the explanation of the 5 branches [18:15]

- Yin and Yang and how they relate to the experiences that we have within our body and our environment [23:41]

- What attracted Brandy to TCM, her health conditions that lead her to TCM, and how it helped her in her journey, and what she found to be the most helpful for her [26:20]

- The elements of nature in TCM, the 5 seasons/elements in TCM (in one school of thought), and how you can use them to enhance your health [32:50]

- How nature is communicating to us, the connection that it has to dis-ease, and how dis-ease arises on all levels when we're not aligned with nature [39:15]

- How to connect with nature and gain the benefits when nature is not easily accessible or you are not a "nature-person" [44:45]

- What is Qi, what symptoms show up when imbalances are present, what is acupuncture, and how acupuncture impacts the healing process [52:10]

- How to start taking steps to integrate more TCM and an example by using the season of Spring [56:50]

- How to connect with Brandy, where she hangs out, and last thoughts [1:04:00]

Get to know Brandy Falcon:

Brandy Falcon is a Licensed Acupuncturist and holistic wellness expert who helps women and their families lead joyful, empowered lives. 

She offers a variety of natural modalities through her online business Falcon Healing Arts - from Chinese Medicine Health Coaching to Shamanic Energy Healing and Human Design - which serve her clients on the level they’re ready for.

With her extensive background in Biology, Brandy has a unique approach to wellness which bridges Eastern and Western Medicine; as well the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual dimensions of health.

She’s a homeschooling mom, an avid knitter, loves living fully-aligned with nature.


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