How To Decrease Your Sugar Cravings

Episode title:​ How To Decrease Your Sugar Cravings

Episode summary introduction:​ 

This might come as a surprise (or it might not), but sugar cravings have many levels of why they can have a stranglehold on you. It is not just because you are stressed or because you are eating too much sugar in the first place. Those do play a role, but it is not the only reason! In this episode, I am going to talk about 3 main connections that can cause your sugar cravings (cravings in general) to spiral out of control and make you feel like you have no willpower. And, then help to guide you through a process that will help to lessen the grip that your sugar cravings have on you. 

Learn how limiting sugar, refined carbs, and artificial sweeteners are important for success. We talk about protein, the glycemic index, stress levels, sleep, and specific flavors help you to manage and lessen your sugar cravings.

Topics discussed in this episode:​ ​

- The emotional connection [5:55]

- The nutrition balance connection [12:54]

- The brain chemistry connection [26:45]

Limiting the right foods [33:40] 

- Eat your protein [35:40]

- What about the glycemic index [37:07]

- Stress levels really do matter (A LOT) [38:28]

- Why rest is important [44:20]

- Why is cinnamon so powerful [47:24]


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Cover Photography: Lara Koppmann