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What is Mind Body Soul Detoxing?

Every single day you encounter intruders that can make you sick. The food you eat, the water you drink, the thoughts you were trained to think, and the relationships that you surround yourself with — they all impact your physical body and your ability to heal on a foundational level. Mind Body Soul detoxing looks at all the pathways to determine what your unique body is holding onto and what needs to be detoxed out. With the use of energetic nutritional therapy, specific body movement techniques, a variety of emotional release techniques and energy healing protocols, and a deep dive into your mindset, you start to learn how to physically, mentally, and emotionally let go of what has been gunking up your system and making your feel sick. First we look at what your body/mind/soul needs, then we evaluate how you are going to release the toxins/emotions/junk, and finally we take you down a path of implementation and accountability. Each person is so different and so many specific needs — this 1:1 mentorship is uniquely powerful and comprehensive for YOU!

Benefits of the mentorship

  • Learn how to eat, move, and live for your body & lifestyle, all while feeling massively balanced
  • Lose REAL weight with less time spent in the gym or working out
  • Have less gas, bloating, and better digestion (imagine not having those embarrassing moments when out with friends!)
  • Squash your daily stress easily and effectively
  • Gain massive self-confidence and self-awareness to help you balance out your life 
  • Wake with energy and vitality (imagine having less fatigue and brain fog!)
  • Decrease headaches and tight, painful muscles
  • Gain awareness over your emotions and learn how to shift them
  • Gain more strength and endurance to play with your children and your family
  • Experience less sugar cravings to be able to push away your food triggers
  • Squash out negative, old thinking patterns to increase your personal success

How Does The Mentorship Work?

Customized intake & interview process

You are super unique in what you need and your body isn't going to heal without the right approaches. That is why the first steps are all about getting to know you so that I can put the pieces of your puzzle together and help you discover what has been holding you back. 

6 months (18 sessions total) of 1:1 coaching 

This is where the real growth happens! In these sessions, you will dive deep into exploring what has been holding you back from achieving your goals, what action steps will best help to fast-track you to success, and a plan of how to move forward until the next scheduled session. 

Voxer support

Look no further for the accountability that you need — Voxer support is here! In between sessions, you can jump on the Voxer app and ask questions, update your progress, and connect with me 24/7. And, eventhough I have Voxer "office hours," that doesn't stop you from connecting with me anytime the inspiration, questions, or need arises. That is the ultimate support! 

Downloadable PDF's and resources

Not sure where to get the resources, ideas, or guidance that you need to help make your action steps successful? No problem! I have them available for you. Need recipes? I got you. Need meditations? Yep, right here. Want educational information to learn more about topics we discuss? Here you go. This is really a one-stop shop!

Option for energy healing sessions

Energy healing in all capacities can have a huge impact in your forward motion of shifting your health. From balancing your moods, to boosting your self-confidence, to healing your physical body — energy healing could just be that missing piece of your puzzle that helps unlock your greatest health potentials! In this mentorship, there are options for Reiki, crystal healing, trapped emotion release, and chakra balancing. You have the option to step into this container for a deeper impact on your journey!

Option for accountability group

Keeping you on track and staying accountable to all the hard work that you already did is important for lifelong healing. Following the mentorship conclusion, you will be eligible to step into the monthly accountability group so you can stay focused and on track!

Meet Your Practitioner

Tansy Rodgers

  • Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Reiki & Energy Healer
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Crystal & Chakra Healer
  • Health and Lifestyle Coach
  • Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
  • Speaker

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