Gosh, where to begin? Tansy was for me the perfect bridge between physical therapy and general fitness training. After a year and a half, I can’t imagine not working with her — inexhaustible fund of great work-outs, always fully attentive to the client (she must have a great attention span), creative invention of workouts for my specific needs. Great listener, good communicator. Patient! Inventive! Positive! Cheerful! Tansy is an example of someone who has clearly landed in the right profession for her talents and interests. I’m impressed by her knowledge of human anatomy and her flexibility in designing work to suit individual needs and limitations. She pushes me exactly the right amount.
— Cecile, Pennsylvania

I had a really great time working with you this year and definitely saw a lot of improvement. I feel better about myself and am continuing to work out, mostly thanks to you!
— Elena, New York

Although I’d worked out for years, I made little progress and too often suffered injuries. One of those injuries sent me to physical therapy, where I encountered Tansy Rodgers. Her close attention to positioning and careful monitoring impressed me. When I learned she was also a trainer, I thought she would be exactly the person to guide me to avoid reinjuring myself.
I was right. Tansy is very conscious of my strengths and weaknesses, and her programs are tailored perfectly to me. She is creative and flexible; when I am having trouble with something, she will always find a way to adapt it for my needs. Above all, she is encouraging, and that alone has helped me progress and keep going more than anything. Thanks, Tansy!
— KP, Pennsylvania

The exercise program you started me on is the first (and only) one to get me results! I’ve been keeping up with it for a year now and I look and feel better than I’d ever dreamed I would
— Anthony, New Jersey

Tansy is fantastic, and I would recommend her to anyone. When I began working with Tansy I could barely do a push-up, now I can crank out 20 with ease. It is really obvious to me that Tansy puts an extensive amount of time and effort into the routines she individually creates for her clients. I have gotten much stronger with Tansy’s help and have learned a great deal about my own strengths and weakness as well as fitness in general. I have enjoyed working with her and hope to continue to do so!
— Alaina, Pennsylvania

Always upbeat, encouraging and enthusiastic. Keeps the sessions busy and fun by introducing new exercises but is always mindful to make sure you don’t go over your limits. An outstanding health coach who more than earns her affordable fee. She’ll make your day brighter with her smile and energy.
— Tom, Pennsylvania

Working with Tansy not only enhanced my strength, but it enriched my life! Thank you, Tansy, for helping me exceed even my own expectations and empowering me to redefine success!!!
— Bryan, Pennsylvania

I had the opportunity to meet Tansy and hear her speak at an all-day wellness retreat sponsored by my employer. It was an incredible and mind expanding day, to say the least! Tansy provided great information on personal wellness related to foods, the environment, exercise, nutrition, and being mindful. I took a lot of notes, and immediately started making positive changes in my life starting with looking at the contents of all the foods I eat. I am buying organic fruits and sprouted grain organic bread! I was never really educated on the benefits of organic and natural foods. I can feel such a difference in my body and am more energetic! I carry my journal in my purse every day and refer to it often for inspiration and guidance, and to add to it when I get inspired!
— Michelle, Pennsylvania

I really like that Tansy shared a part of her ‘personal’ journey, ‘her reason to why she is where she is today.’ I liked that she simplified EVERYTHING, start with a little or a lot. Do what works for you attitude, she was very cognizant of cost factors. She was holistic in her approach to ‘teaching’ us and as well as presenting products or information. She provided a lot of ways to enhance your life.
— Kristina, Pennsylvania

I have worked with Tansy weekly for the past two semesters. She always keeps the health, mental and physical, of her clients in the forefront. She puts much emphasis on progress and increasing weights in an attempt to challenge her clients. Overall, I saw a significant decrease in my stress level, as getting out of my room and into the gym was very beneficial. I have also seen an increase in my strength and balance. Everyday activities have gotten easier for me. I really enjoy working with Tansy and plan on continuing as long as I am at F&M.
— Jill, New York