$555- 3 Session Package

Crystal Reiki & Intuitive Healing Sessions- 3 Session Package

Welcome to Crystal Reiki & Intuitive Healing sessions!

It is possible to avoid burnout, prioritize yourself, and not feel guilty or shameful for taking time for you — all you need is the RIGHT strategy.

I've truly seen it all when it comes to burnout and the nervous system...

You’re either one of two people:

  1. You’re a superwoman mom who is spread too thin and fears that if you takes the time for yourself, you will look like you are selfish, lose control of your busy to-do list, and your family will be super disappointed in you


  1. You’re a busy professional woman who loves to do all the things but gets worried and anxious that if you slow down, everything will fall apart and you will look lazy. Your mind tells you that you have to work hard to be worthy but your body tells you that you can’t keep doing this or you are going to completely burnout

But there’s good news! There’s a third option that you haven’t even realized yet…

3. You are the Queen of your world, calmly flowing through your to-do’s with grace and balance, all while learning how to keep your mind, body, and soul happy…and learning how to return back to that carefree version of you!

Let's talk about how you can become option #3!

Here's what's included in each session:

✨ Pre-session Crystal Reiki audio (what to expect!) (value: $15)

✨ (3) 60- minute intuitive Reiki healing session (value: $450)

✨ Specific crystal protocols & grids based off your session’s intentions (value: $300)

✨ Intuitively guided use of energy healing tools during session (value: $150)

✨ 20-30 minutes of reflection from session notes, complete with coaching (value: $300)

✨ Action steps prioritizing how to best move forward (value: $150)

✨ Audio recording of post session discussion (value: $150)

(Total value: $1515)

 Here's what my clients are saying:

 “ Tansy’s crystal reiki sessions are powerful, rejuvenating and eye-opening . You will definitely see results and be given a recording at the end of your healing session to reference as time moves forward. She is extremely thorough , knowledge, and highly adept at what she does. She truly cares for others which is evident from the moment you meet her. I highly recommend her crystal reiki sessions. It is something you can’t get anywhere else. “ ~ Dan O.

Tansy was absolutely amazing to work with. She made me feel very comfortable from the start of our conversations talking about what was important to me and what I was looking for in my search. From the onset of our appointment it was relaxing & easy. I recommended Tansy to two people and will continue to recommend her. She is truly a gifted human and healer. ~ Lisa T.

Reiki with Tansy is an experience that feeds your soul and helps you release deep held tension you didn't realize you had. Walking into the session with a vague idea of what Reiki is, Tansy gently guided me through the experience of what to expect. Surrounded by crystals on the table, I was able to feel the pull and tug of energy working through my body to release those emotional blockages. It was freeing to work through the visualizations and get a better glimpse of what I've been struggling with. Reiki is definitely an experience you want to be open to so Tansy can utilize her gift of energy healing to benefit you. ~ Heike M.

Before my session with Tansy I was in a bad mental headspace and my world was a bit of a mess. My business was stalled, I was in a state of chronic fog and fatigue and felt like I never had enough of me to go around. This was my very first reiki session and it was the spark I needed to ignite serious change in my world. During my session I could feel the weight being lifted off of me, which I found out was because I tend to hold onto energies of others.  After the session, Tansy shared what she experienced and what information she got for me. This piece was so empowering and helpful. It enabled me to learn so much more about myself and ways to move forward. Since then, my business is flourishing, I have more clarity in my personal and business life and feel so much more confident and empowered to make positive change. ~ Aubrey M.

**Limited Spots Available