It is never to early or to late to learn and adopt self-empowerment. Self-empowerment can start at a very young age. Learning the tools, instilling the concepts, and having support and inspiration as early on as possible is key to bringing forth healthy and competent children into our society's future. Women, in particular, have been given so many opportunities and made so many transformations over the decades, yet many struggle to own their own self-empowerment due to adopting old-school agreements of who they should be and forgetting who they really desire to be. I have found that many women do not have the positive influence they truly need to live to their fullest potential! Because positive influence, education, and opportunities given to our young ladies is so very important to me, 5% of all proceeds will be happily donated to "Girls On The Run." You can either purchase my products/services, donate through my website, or you can head over to their website and donate directly. Through education, self-empowerment skills, physical exercise, and positive social involvement, we can all work together to help create brighter futures.


I highly encourage you to check out "Girls On The Run" (GOTR) just to see exactly what they do and why they are such as amazing organization to help shape the lives of our young ladies!  You can either check out the local GOTR or the national GOTR.