How To Coconut Oil Pull For Beautiful, Healthy Teeth

Coconut oil pulling has been around forever and has been a cherished practice in Ayurvedic medicine for ultimate oral health. In truth, it’s health benefits span far beyond just dental health. I got on a habit of oil pulling when I was cleansing, but I quickly fell off the bandwagon because I didn’t realize how prolonged oil pulling could heal so much deeper than just the surface benefits like helping to whiten the teeth and defunk the mouth. When I discovered and studied the truth and the deeper benefits behind oil pulling, I realized how detoxing of a practice it really is and why ancient Ayurvedic practitioners cling onto it so tightly.

I love tea. Oh, how I love my coffee. And with that love, comes the inevitable staining of the teeth and the acidity that can promote an environment for bacteria to breed. Sounds gross, but it is the dirty truth! So, finding a practice that can maintain my pearly whites and help to heal more deeply is essential for me. Click the title link above to read more and to watch my video that shows you exactly what to do!

Tansy RodgersComment