I counsel, teach, and inspire by fusing functional strength training with energy balancing to enhance the whole person.  Through education on energy balancing techniques, exercise geared towards results, hormones, food's vital role, and the need for spiritual connection, you will learn how to recenter and empower yourself so you can finally take back control of your life!

As an AFAA Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Health Counselor, and Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, I am dedicated to helping you be free and completely you!

What is the quickest way to get started? 

Health Counseling

With a BA in Psychology, I combine my knowledge of health with my interpersonal skills to provide my clients with health counseling and coaching to create an all around healthy and balanced self. I am a health counselor for both individuals and corporations.  If your company is looking to boost your employees productivity, focus, and overall health, I am available for presentations, workshops, or lunch and learns.

Benefits of Hiring A Health Counselor?

  1. Learn about your body and how it is affected by the world around us
  2. Learn about how food impacts all areas of your wellness
  3. Learn about stress, how it impacts you, and techniques to manage stress in your life
  4. Find out why sleep is so important to your everyday functioning
  5. Increase your energy and productivity
  6. Enhance your mind, body, and spirit connection
  7. Increase your self-confidence
  8. Learn new ways to stick to your new lifestyle
  9. Benefit from the motivation of a buddy system
  10. Improve your relationships
  11. Regain purpose in your life
  12. Take charge of your program..and do it YOUR way!

Personal Trainer

I specialize in personal training individuals of all ages.  These individuals are not only those desiring more vitality, health, and losing weight, but also sport specific training for those looking to boost their athletic edge. I have worked with athletes training in various sports which include soccer, basketball, baseball, and dance.

Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer?

  1. Improve your overall fitness
  2. Reach or maintain a healthy weight
  3. Increase your self-confidence
  4. Learn new ways to stick to your new lifestyle
  5. Focus on your unique health concerns
  6. Learn proper form and technique
  7. Get maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for you
  8. Learn new skills and activities
  9. Enhance your mind, body, and spirit
  10. Benefit from the motivation of a buddy system
  11. Take charge of your program..and do it YOUR way!

Group Fitness Instructor 

I have instructed BodyFit, deep and shallow water classes, Body Sculpting, Cardio-kickboxing, CoreFit, and Zumba.  

BodyFit is an explosion of cross-training techniques pulled from a variety of training disciplines. It maximizes strength and cardio by incorporating functional strengthening, agility, plyometrics, kickboxing, and various other training styles. No two classes are alike!  This class will take your own personal fitness to the next level. BodyFit is designed for all fitness levels and is structured with cueing and instruction to challenge beginners as well as more advanced students. 

Physical Therapist Assistant 

In conjunction with personal training, I am also a Physical Therapist Assistant at Lancaster Orthopedic Group and Lancaster General Hospital.  If you have an injury or an issue that requires specialized training techniques, I possess the knowledge to keep you safe during your workouts and your life activities.

Public Speaking

Nothing is more exciting to me than to interact and teach in a group setting that is filled with positive energy and like-minds to help each other grow and feel supported. Through workshops, event lectures, and corporate educational speaking, I am privileged to help you learn in a whole new interactive way.