5 Healthy Fat Tips To Slash Inflammation And Boost Health

Did you know that healthy fats can fight inflammation?

Contrary to the American diet of the 1980s, and even up until a few years ago, eating a low-fat diet can actually cause you more problems than not. But all fats are not created equal!

The Standard American Diet (SAD), or diets that resemble it, is extremely high in the wrong types of fat: highly-saturated fats and refined oils. These types of fats have a negative effect on the inflammatory status of the body. Over time, this way of eating increases free radicals in the body and greatly increases risks of chronic inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Yikes! It’s no surprise that these disorders are on the rise with the influx of processed, unhealthy food options.

Even though it is becoming more en vogue to live a green lifestyle and choose healthier recipes, there is still some great confusion about which fats are healthy options — and decrease inflammation. Here is a breakdown to what fats supports the body, what fats breaks down the body, and what fats you should incorporate more into your diet. Let’s start slashing inflammation!

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