5 Summer Foods For Abundant Energy

Eating healthy all year long is what many of us strive to do. With healthy options being so easily accessible all year, it really is pretty simple to have healthy choices when you want them.

When you are busy and on the go, stopping at the grocery store and picking up some of your favorite healthy items can seem like a gratifying treat. Especially when you are actively making choices to better your health. Filling your cart with healthy vegetables and fruits and other items can really create that feeling of being on track and staying motivated to your healthy eating goals.

As you cruise through the aisles, you pick up that basket of strawberries and think to yourself, “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into these.“ The joy of this summer sweet treat and the memories that go with it rush back in an instant.

But, what if it is the Winter season?

What if it is the Fall season?

Will they really provide the same level of nutrients than if the strawberries were picked during their natural season? Strawberries are at their peak in the spring. Even though those “winter strawberries“ look red and ripe and delicious, do they taste as good as they look? Probably not.

Even though healthy food is at our fingertips all year long — whenever we need it — it doesn’t mean that certain foods will be at the utmost healthiest all your long.

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