“My arms are too flabby. I can’t wear sleeveless shirts!”

” My legs have cellulite and are too pasty white to wear shorts”

“My stomach is so fat and disgusting. I could NEVER wear a bathing suit in public!”

Do you ever catch yourself saying these things, to yourself or out loud?

Men and women both focus so heavily on their outer image and appearance — in some cultures, women more than men. It has often ruled how we feel about ourselves and our self-worth. It has changed how we behave around others and in our relationships. When said too often, it changes us and our physical health completely — allowing others to see what we perceive.

How you present yourself to the world makes a statement. It helps dictate how you feel about yourself, how you act, how professional you come across, how people interact with you, how much internal energy you are creating, and how you are expressing yourself and your values. But, presenting yourself one way and creating an inner dialogue that states another can be damaging — causing a disconnect in your authenticity and your true belief in yourself (and the trust of others around you).

What your inner dialogue is saying and what you verbally express out loud is part of your body image. If your body image is weak, you are more likely going to be prone to mood swings, depression, anger, fatigue, jealousy, self-hate — which can lead to not exercising enough, eating the right foods, taking care of your stress levels, and comparing yourself to unachievable ideals, just to name a few.

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