Real Nutrition Tips For Real Results

“What’s wrong with pal? Why is everybody so down on pal?”

I love the tv comedy show Seinfeld and I find myself randomly quoting lines that make me laugh. The antics of the show are intoxicating for the comedic soul and a welcoming laugh during more serious times.

Sometimes, they create a wormhole of deeper thoughts that, I am sure, were never intended by the writers of the show.

As I stood in the shower and repeated the line — “What’s wrong with pal? Why is everybody so down on pal?” — I smiled and started to think about how this relates to many areas of life that people tend to shy away from.

“Pal” can be translated into basically anything. Substitute exercise or meditation or apples. Substitute taking time for yourself or giving yourself positive self-talk or eating avocados.

“What’s wrong with eating avocados? Why is everybody so down on avocados?”

It works!

Or, we could look at “PAL” as learning new ways of living.

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