Making It A Vacation From Work — How To Maintain Your Healthy Habits

“It is only a small piece, right?” says that little devilish voice whispering in your ear as you stand over the table covered with decadent food.

“You just had that chocolate cake last night!” screams your hips and your waistline in unison.

Holidays, gatherings, and vacations are the time that most people indulge in their weaknesses. It can be easy to justify why you just have to eat those french fries.

I mean, you can’t get those french fries just anywhere!

And, it is easy to overeat and consume way over your normal portion sizes.

Hey, you will be walking more, right?

Don’t forget about that extra alcohol that may or may not be part of your relaxation time!

To set the record straight, I am most definitely an advocate for having your healthy indulgence meals or partaking in a food that creates an emotional connection. There is nothing like my aunt’s potato casserole during the holidays.

The reality is that it all adds up and one indulgence can become two and two indulgences will become three. Let’s be honest — three indulgences are going to become four.

It is the time that most people fall off their healthy bandwagon and begin to make unhealthy choices, making it so much harder to quit when you are back to normal living.

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