My childhood love was art.

I still love it for the creativity and the inspiration.

I still hate it for the creativity and the frustration.

Being a self-proclaimed perfectionist (and a damn good one) makes some seemingly simple concepts incredibly challenging. For me, it was my art. It has always been a love-hate relationship. An inner battle. A test of patience.

But, isn’t anything we do that challenges our natural way of being just like that?

A test of patience and an inner struggle to change what we habitually know as how something “should be.”

We as humans thrive off of routines — they are essential for us to be efficient in the mundane activities of life. At the same time, routines create complacency and boredom if we can not find ways to shake them up every so often. They can dull the sparkles in our life and drain the energy right out of us.

Even when it feels frustrating and goes against the very nature of what you know, inviting in small ways to shake up your routines can create abundant amounts of energy, motivation, inspiration, and brain power.

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