Do you ever struggle with pushing yourself to get outside and exercise, especially in the cold weather?

I dragged myself kicking and screaming…

As my sneakers pounded heavily with every step, I pushed myself to get my workout done.

The process of bundling up in every cold-weather garment I owned already exhausted me and the thought of being cold for my 30 minute cardio session was not the most appealing thought. Honestly, I wanted to go right back to snuggling under my warm covers and drinking my morning cup of java. It was cold outside and I felt lazy!

And, I am not alone!

Frosty weather is seemingly the time that most well-devoted fitness enthusiasts admit falling short on their exercise commitment.

Is it the cold weather?

The shorter amount of daylight?

Less than optimal conditions outside keeping you pent up indoors?

Regardless of the reason for the lack of activity, there are some health benefits to training in the cold weather that may just spark that fire within you to help you get past the uncomfortable zone.

Click the title link to find out 5 reasons you should use the cold outdoors to get a better workout (AND, get the most bang for your exercise buck!)