It is common knowledge that exercise is one of the healthiest forms of self-care that we can indulge in. Most of us know that we should do more of it. But how much is too much and is too much really a bad thing?

Strength training helps to build muscle and cardiovascular exercise helps to keep your heart healthy. But, if you do too much of either of these, a normally healthy habit can begin to break the body down and, inversely, cause you to be weak and overly stressed.

Unless you are specifically training for a competition and your nutrition and lifestyle is set up to support the extra exercise intensity that your body is receiving, you can actually begin to break down your lean muscle tissue and cause other health concerns. Nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplementation, and other habits need to alter in order for extra exercise to not cause as much damage — but, most of us do not change other areas of our lives!

When our bodies can no longer take the over-exercising, this is when overtraining typically creeps in. Overtraining can signal the body to start burning muscle for fuel and store more fat, resulting in some weight gain.

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