"Is coffee good or bad for me?"

I get this question often and I can understand why there is much confusion.

There is so much info out there that creates controversy and confusion – some sources say that you should stay far away from it and others say that it is full of anti-oxidants and health benefits. 

So, who and what are you supposed to believe?

I have found that it truly depends on the person and their prior health, the reasons behind the caffeine/coffee consumption, and how you actually ingest it that makes all the difference. 

I LOVE coffee! I have loved it from the first time that I tried it. 

I remember being a little girl and my mother gave me my first sip of coffee from her cup. She reluctantly gave in to my begging her to please, oh please, let me try it.

I mean, I wanted to be like mom, so if she was drinking it, it must be a good thing.

Well, I was hooked from that day on. I loved the smell and the taste and the feel of the warm, soothing liquid. And, to this day, it has a very positive association that goes with it.

But, I realized over the years, that I was relying on coffee as more of an energy booster to get me through stressful days, energy slumps, and to even get me going in the morning. 

I was also dealing with some onset of adrenal fatigue.

So, I had to find other ways and I had to get down to the root of "is coffee healthy or not." 

This is what I have found and what I wanted to bring to you – to help you along your journey and to help clear up questions that you may have.

In this vlog, I talk about two key action steps you can do to make coffee and caffeine work for you and not against you. These are two tips that have worked splendidly for me and have much backing in research to prove their effectiveness.

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