Confessions Of A Former Doormat: How To Say ‘No’ And Gain Abundant Energy

Listening to our heart’s true desires and acting upon it is hard.

It is even harder when faced with the fleeting opinions and criticisms that come from the people we love and that our desires directly affect.

When we were little kids, saying ‘no’ because you didn’t want to do something or relentlessly begging your parents for what you did want came fairly easy. It didn’t matter what others thought and it sure as heck didn’t matter if your parents were going crazy from listening to your begging. You wanted what you wanted and you were ok with putting that out there.

But then, something changed. The voices entered your head. You know the ones I mean –those voices that ask you “What if…”

“What if I upset them?” “What if they don’t like me anymore?” “What if I hurt their feelings?” These are examples of the voices that begin to plague the free mind and clog up the heart. These are the voices that stifle our energy by overcommitting and under respecting our own needs. These are the voices that make us say ‘yes’ when we really mean ‘no.’

This is a confession of a former doormat...

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