With warm weather, comes warm weather activities and more chances to be outside exploring this world and rocking your body out on some exciting (mini) adventures.

Whether or not you’re a gym rat, there’s nothing like heading to the great outdoors to get some fresh air and fitness. From kayaking to biking, swimming upstream to urban hikes, there are tons of awesome ways to get out and get active no matter where you live.

In fact, I challenge you to get out and move your body in a different way than what you are used to- but making sure you are safe and your body is ready for the new challenge is paramount. Nothing is more of a bummer than being deep in the midst of fitness fun in the sun than a pulled muscle or an aching joint. BLAH! What do you do?

I totally get it. I am an fitness adventure junkie. But I also want to be a fitness adventure junkie for life and keep my body happy with my fitness madness!

Check out the 5 exercises below to help get you started in training your body with versatility for many activities or for getting strong in a specific fitness adventure. They are also great if you just want an awesome, butt-kicking workout!

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