Bare The Belly- How To Embrace Courage To Do Anything Scary

I wore a belly shirt today.

Before I turned 35, I would never wear a belly shirt. Never ever. Nope.

My midsection was never bare unless I was either at the beach (aka a swimming suit), checking out my abs at home in front of my mirror after making sure no one was watching, or standing in the shower in all my naked glory. It didn’t matter if I was at my thinnest or at my heaviest- for real- I was super self-conscious of other’s judgement.

I thought I had good reason to be self-conscious. When I put on any kind of weight, it would go straight to my abdomen. My hormones would fluctuate and I would have massive bloating. Digestion was a nightmare and I always felt full and puffy. Not exactly stuff that creates massive amounts of sexy self-confidence in a gal. 

Want to know how a belly shirt, courage, and accomplishing anything you every wanted go hand in hand? Click the title link above to read more!

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