5 Nutrition Tips For High Energy Weight-Loss When You Are Super Busy

I have a confession.

Late night binges and scrumptious afternoon treats had once been my protocol.

I would spend all day working or socializing and having a good ole’ time, to only be stopped in my tracks, left with no energy or super hungry because I didn’t prepare myself to eat a healthy dinner at a reasonable time.

Once or twice were merely a slap on the hand and I paid the price by feeling less than amazing, without focus, sleepy, and bloated. But as it became a habit, I started to see the physical changes in my body, my skin, my mental clarity, and my energy levels- and it wasn’t good!

I felt gross.

Through my own experimentation alone, I started to learn that proper nutrition and fueling of the body is essential for high energy levels, mental clarity, decreased stress and anxiety, and physical health. That is only naming a few! 

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