Ahhhh, the weather is getting warmer and the windows are being opened to let the fresh Spring air flow through the house. Nothing beats that first burst of fresh air circulating through the room. It airs out the home and creates a resurgence of flowing energy and inspiration. It also creates a cloud of dust and debris that has been hiding in the cracks from the winter months.

It is time for some Spring cleaning. But, that can be a double-edged sword! Spring cleaning brings renewal and life into your home while cleaning out the bacteria and infection that may be lying in the cracks and crevices. The problem is that most of the cleaning products that are conventional and easily accessible are quite toxic and can cause more harm than good to you and your family. You might be cleaning out the dirt and debris in the immediate, but you can also be setting your family up for major health issues down the road.

Did you know?

The typical American home contains about three to 10 gallons of toxic materials in the form of household cleaning products? The very thing that you are using to clean your home and make it healthier for you is actually creating a more toxic environment.

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