You are a big fat liar (and so am I)!

Actually, we all are liars and we lie to ourselves every single day. That's a truth bomb right there! We find ourselves saying "I should," "I have to," and "I can't" to ourselves and out loud to justify our behaviors or to soothe our aching egos after feeling like we let someone (or ourselves) down.

What's worse is that we believe these lies are truth and they begin to pull us down in the trenches of negativity and pessimism. Words are incredibly powerful and help us to create our self-confidence, our self-worth, and our entire inner and outer environment in which we live. They help us create or destroy our goals and dreams. They make up our entire day and our entire human experience.

We live in perception of what we believe we see. So, if we tell ourselves one thing or another, we begin to believe what our words train our thoughts to believe. And, our thoughts then begin to influence our mood.

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