Remember when you were a kid and it felt like energy was abundant. No matter how hard you played or how late you stayed up, it felt like energy flowed freely and the days were joyfully long. Oh, how I long for those days once again…

That is what I find myself thinking when I am in the middle of a long work day and my feet are dragging, closely followed by my heavy eyelids. Extra stress, responsibilities, and pushing self-care by the wayside can suck the energy and vitality right out of your physical being. This happens to all of us from time to time- that is a normal part of life. But, the true concern occurs when it becomes chronic and our energy and vitality are nothing but a distant memory.

Fatigue, heavy eyelids, stress, anger, frustration, depression, etc are all red flags that something is out of alignment and a refocusing on increasing your inner energy and vitality are super important if you want to break out of old patterns and stop feeling like a sluggish, hot mess.

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