How many times have you skipped a workout or decided vegging out on the couch was a better option because your mood went from inspired to unmotivated (or any other negative feeling) faster than it takes you to realize? Be honest. How often have you skipped getting active because you just felt like crap.

It happens to all of us!

Maybe you had a bad day at work. Maybe your kids’ whining got under your skin. Maybe you felt puffy around the waist and your self-confidence dropped, leaving your feeling unattractive and not sexy. Whatever it is, you need a surefire way to change your mood and your motivation, even if it is just calming you down and allowing you to have a little more peace in your day.

Movement is king. It beats any cup of coffee if you want sustained energy spiked with a dose of pure self-confidence. I am not talking about a typical exercise definition. I am referring to pure movement. This can be exercise or it can be something much less planned and structured. Click the title link above to read more!