10 Tips To Control Your Cravings During The Holiday

With the onset of holidays, the mind starts to dream of all the delicious treats and possibilities that will abundantly flow from every corner turned.

There is something so divine and inviting about the thoughts of what may show up on the dinner table, in our work kitchens, as gifts from our friends, or even in our own kitchens as we recreate those foods that bring memories and joys and tradition.

The food-body-mind connection is so strong and powerful! It can tempt us to eat foods that we do not eat all year long and it can tempt us to (over)indulge in foods that we try so hard to swear off day in and day out.

Don’t get me wrong– we are all human with with egos and mental convictions that can make each one of us respond in ways that can be totally out of character of our norms. Even the most devoted health-goer can cave under the grips of tempting food from time to time.

And, this is part of a healthy lifestyle! Indulging in foods that bring you happiness and joy and connection to something bigger than yourself is part of true whole person wellness.

The real cause for concern is when falling prey to the temptations of sugary, fat-laden indulgences because a regular occurrence or when you find it challenging to push yourself away from the plate of holiday decadence.

Every holiday season, I hear the same chitter-chatter. At the dessert table. At holiday parties. In the work lunch rooms. In the gym locker room. The chitter-chatter is excuses and the excuses are as to why the pounds pile on over the holidays and why saying ‘no’ to holiday treats is nearly impossible for many.

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