It’s easy to give gratitude and feel a sense of connectedness during the holidays- it’s all around us. It’s easy to give gratitude for the people that you love and the traditions that you have- it’s swirls in the air abundantly.

Having gratitude and appreciation for those things is so important, but for many it stops there.

We often forget to have gratitude for our bodies and our emotions. For our strength and capability. For our physical health and the fact that we have a choice in the food that we use to nourish our bodies. We forget.

But, remembering that we are abundant in healthy foods and the mere choice to pick those foods that will give us abundant energy and healing, is a gift all on its own.

Not everyone has that luxury.

But we do!

With the spirit of giving and gratitude infiltrating every moment of your day during this season, why not create a new focus?

Let’s focus on giving thanks and gratitude for our health and our bodies and the food that supports us! When we appreciate and honor ourselves and our physical bodies, we are much better able to serve and appreciate the other goodness in our life.

Nourish your body, nourish your soul. That’s my motto.

Here are my three favorite Fall foods to nourish your body...

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