The fourth of July is synonymous with fun, friends, gatherings, fireworks, and food. Year after year, people disclose to me their bartering plan with their healthy lifestyle and how binging on the season’s most tastiest picnic fare moves to the forefront of their brain. This is not to mention the pre-plan for how they will handle the physical discomfort that is associated with the binge- the bloating, gas, fullness, fatigue, and brain fog. Splurging is all fine and dandy, but how the body and brain acclimate when these events become triggers for splurging and how the brain has difficulty dissociating social gatherings with stuffing our faces becomes a larger problem. This causes eating disorders, body image distortions, physical and nutritional deficits, and weight gain.  I spent a long time working to overcome the seeds that were planted in my head. In my family, eating and social functions went hand in hand. It was what you did. And let me tell you, most of it was NOT healthy choices. I still have connections that I consciously work through and, like Pavlov’s dog, I salivate just when entering my trigger situations...

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“Food cravings tied to outside forces are stronger than willpower alone. Be kind to yourself!”
~Tansy N. Rodgers