If you are anything like me, you know the plaguing feeling that comes with vacation, travel, or lengthy day trips and trying to coordinate a healthy eating plan. Now, I have been doing this for a while so it is like old hat to me, but I still get a little anxious when I am not sure of where I can get my healthy snacks, meals, and car goodies. It is one thing to occasionally indulge, but it’s another thing when that indulging becomes norm. Going all out and overindulging in heavy, salty, or sugar laden foods is a recipe for a dismal travel experience. Bluntly put? Shitty food outputs shitty energy. You want to have as much energy and high internal vibrations as possible so that you can have the best travel experience possible, right? Can I get an “abso-friggin-loutly”? So, today I want to talk about how to make sure you are aligning your healthy nutrition habits, allowing yourself adequate time to indulge and enjoy the fineries of your experience, and building the incredible energy you need to enjoy your travel! Click the title link above to read more.

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“To ensure true nutritional success when traveling, you must have a prepared back up plan while still being flexible” ~Tansy N. Rodgers