Can you really run away from your problems? Is the old adage, “Turn that frown upside down” really true through something as simple as moving your body? It is whispered through lockers rooms around the world that “exercise feels so good,” but is that powerful enough to physically lift the cloud that depression and anxiety can place on us? There are a ton of reasons to believe that it does and there are specific exercises that will banish the blues much quicker than others. No, walking to the kitchen to retrieve the ice cream is not one of them!

When you are feeling low, just the thought of exercising could feel like a chore, but once you get moving the right way, it is not so daunting. Exercise helps to relieve tension and pent up negative energy. It will help you sleep better at night, therefore allowing you more rest, ultimately lowering your “bitch-mode”. Exercise releases endorphins, those natural painkillers that raise your mood and give your body a natural boost. Lastly, exercise will firm you up and help to keep your waistline in check. This improves self-esteem, confidence, mood and overall health.

Let’s get all in your brain for a moment…

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"Move your rump to move mental mountains”

~Tansy Rodgers