Tightness. Stiffness. Painful hips. Achy shoulders. After a tough workout, or a long day, these terms seem to be more commonplace and daunting. As I got older, I became increasingly perplexed at how I could possibly “sleep wrong” and wake up with new aches and pains that seemingly came out of nowhere. Then, as I added in long distance running- Yowzers!- was my body tightening up faster than a rubberband ready to snap.  Something had to give and I was hoping it wasn’t my hamstrings! It was time to pull in the back up plan – foam rolling. Why was it my back up plan? Honestly, I didn’t quite believe the hype. How was this girl’s body, and workouts, going to possibly be transformed by rolling on a piece of foam? Here is what I discovered and my 5 favorite rolling techniques to loosen me up…Click the title link above to read more!

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“Keep calm, and (foam) roll on, to kick my aches and pains to the curb” ~Tansy N. Rodgers