I learned a long time ago that there is no quick, easy, “pass go,” approach to weight loss. It takes consistency, perseverance, knowledge, motivation, and support to sticking with a healthy nutrition plan that will last the test of time. It takes permanent lifestyle changes and slow, steady results to approach it healthfully. But, we do live in a society where immediate gratification is king and waiting patiently for results for something we really really want can feel like a long-torturous session of watching a seed grow. If we patiently wait for a seed to grow, giving it the right nutrients and sprinkling it with water and allowing sunshine to penetrate the ground, our little nonexistent seed produces beautiful results that will only get better with consistent caring and maintenance. On the other hand, if we take an already grown flower and plant it into the ground, but let it there without giving it love and attention, that beautiful flower will most likely die and wither away. You may have immediate gratification of beauty and results, but it will not last very long. With this, most people would say, “hell yeah, water those plants!” But, when it comes to health, beauty, weight loss, or any other practice that we want right now, logic seemingly shoots out the window and the need for immediate gratification takes over the brain. The health and wellness industry knows this mental struggle that we have and they know it well. Take a day and go to your local bookstore and peruse the shelves. You will probably notice all the books and guides out there promising you quick results. Maybe you will see”The shrinky-dink diet to shrink your butt AND clear up your skin in 3 days.” Sounds silly, right? Let’s be honest —if you saw that title, would you be tempted to at least thumb through it? Probably so! So, are fad diets hype or healthy and where should you pay attention or move swiftly onward? Let’s get real… Click the title link above to read more!

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“A healthy diet should be about getting the junk out and plumping it up with the good stuff.”

~Tansy Rodgers