Health hacks rule my world! I am a total, self-proclaimed minimalist when it comes to taking care of myself.  I want to achieve results as fast and efficiently as possible, all while relying on as few products as I can. Unclutter my cabinets. Clear out my gym bag. Put my money towards buying quality and leave the thousands of cheap, ineffective, high-hyped products on the shelves. As I stand in front of my tub —yes, I said TUB — of raw honey, I ponder ways to put it to good use and the little girl inside of me giggles with excitement of all the innovative ways I can use it in my everyday life. I am always looking for new hacks and so should you. They cut down on time, money, and stress and make life a heck of a lot more fabulously interesting!  Here are three of my favorites to add to your book of tricks. Click the title link above to read more!

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"Hacking your health takes the pain out of the gain"

~Tansy Rodgers/beU Complete