Balance and proprioception has become a hot topic in the health and fitness world. It seems as though I hear more and more from all of you that balance and strength deficits are plaguing and that you are quite perplexed as to why you struggle like you do. Have you ever questioned where your balance has gone? Do you feel like your balance and proprioception used to be incredible as you would jump and swing and walk carefree along a log in the woods? Do you frequently say to yourself, “Well, I never had balance in the first place” or “I am just so clumsy”? See, as a kid, we challenged our balance and proprioception continuously. If we planned to keep up with our friends, we had to test our proprioception out. As we get older, we tend to challenge it less. If you are in a sport or activity that requires large amounts of balance and strength, that is one thing. If not, you may be neglecting that important training factor. As we go through life, staying physically balanced, strong, active, and challenged as such may fall by the wayside or just not be so consistent. Balance deficits are often due to a few factors such as muscle imbalances, hearing, vision, and body movement through space. This blog is focused on the physical aspect with a touch of the other factors to increase or decrease difficulty level. Remember, if you don’t train purposefully for balance, you LOSE it!  So, what can you do to improve your balance and proprioception? Work it, girl!

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“You lose your healthy footing when you neglect your balance”

~Tansy N. Rodgers/ beU Complete