When I use to think of the word “grounding,” an overall sense of anxiety washed over my young and fearful mind. Even though I didn’t get grounded often, I believe it was a natural emotional instinct for all teenagers to shudder at the thought. As I got older and more accustomed to what true health, vitality, and weight loss was, I realized how kick ass it was for me to be grounded (aka earthing)…totally grounded and wiggling my toes with delight!

Years ago, I went to my local naturopath to discuss a few areas of concern. I disclosed that I was on the verge of pure stress overload. See, I had no real clue as to handling stress. I was at a point of my transforming life where I was changing careers and had a thousand dreams and passions and desires. I wanted to build my Wonder Woman self and would dive into every area of life that interested me, regardless of how exhausted I was or how stressed out I got or without even really considering if it was a priority or not that would catapult me into my envisioned future. Full force ahead and head down, I pushed onward. And, then I crashed. I crashed hard and I had no idea why or how to balance it all out. My naturopath clued me into something profound: Being Wonder Woman meant I was flying around at speeds of light and never really planting myself on the ground. To truly be connected and gain the healing properties from the earth, I would need to get myself barefooted and connect into some dirt. These healing properties have been scientifically proven. They have been proven to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body on a deep cellular level, changing the physical body and lowering stress levels. Holy moly, momma! And, if you know anything about my philosophy of health coaching and weight-loss, you may have heard me say that my #1 weight-loss step is lowered stress and body inflammation. This is why getting grounded is a first step to pure health, vitality, and weight-loss. Let’s dive a little deeper and see why you NEED to start grounding TODAY! Click the link above to read more!