Through my various interactions with so many different people every single day, I inevitably hear about their nutrition or diet or inability to maintain a healthy diet. Typically the conversation starts off with an up beat attitude, but inevitably falls into the depths of self pity and anger as to why they do not have the willpower needed to maintain a healthy diet. I can see the frustrations on their faces and in their behaviors and I can feel a twinge of anger pulsating from them. “Why can I not just stop eating sweets?” “What is wrong with me and why can I not lose weight? If I only had more willpower.” Well, my friends, I am here to shed a ray of hope to help create a more sunny point of view. I have a little secret for you—I don’t believe in pure willpower for success! What?!?!? That’s right, I don’t believe in using willpower alone to eat healthy or to achieve your goals.

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