Workshops and Corporate Training


Are you interested in taking or hosting a workshop?

Nothing is more exciting and motivating than to work with my clientele in an interactive setting. Education, along with hands-on work, allows the whole person to experience a concept and a new set of ideas...therefore, improving information retention, increasing the likeliness of utilizing the new information, and having a great time! I offer informative, innovative, and hands-on workshops to take my students to the next level of learning. Currently, I offer workshops that revolve around:

  • Foam rolling and trigger point massage techniques to heal sore muscles and soft tissue and to open up the energy flow within the body
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome ("Runner's Knee") and how to exercise to build strength and decrease knee pain
  • Smoothies and how to use them to replenish the body after exercise or strenuous activity
  • Color nutrition and how to eat to heal on a whole new level of thinking
  • The female athlete and how to properly support the body for optimal performance and a more sustainable lifestyle

Corporate Training:

Are you a business that wants to help improve the health and productivity of your employees? Do you want to lower the cost of your health insurance? A healthy, thriving company is based upon how healthy the employees are that it employs. If your employees are overly stressed or present to work with inadequate health and healthy lifestyles, it could affect how your business grows and prospers. I  offer comprehensive and innovative informational sessions on how to decrease stress and improve the health of your the comfort of their own desk! My techniques are simple, doable, and often only require small little shifts that will offer HUGE rewards. Currently, I offer:

  • Increasing employee productivity and how to treat the whole person
  • Any of the workshops listed above 
  • Personalized workshops revolving around your company's specific needs

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