I attempted to revisit my childhood love of drawing and art because I remember how inspiring, relaxing, and fulfilling I felt to me.  It was a disaster.  It has been at least 10+ years since I have purposely put a pencil to paper to create a mental image and the results were just that- lost skill and decreased focus.  It was frustrating and maddening, but I forced myself to sit with it and push through.  Putting images down. Allowing my imagination to create.  Regardless that I was still frustrated with the outcome, I was pleased with the fact that I accomplished a task that now felt foreign to me.  I stepped outside the box. I realized from this experience that this was like any other task that may be foreign and fearful for people. When I first stepped into a gym and started creating my life’s path, I was an empty palette and needed to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to push on and motivate me to continue.  I ultimately knew that what I was doing was a healthy and rewarding venture.  In small intervals, I exposed myself to the “uncomfortable” task and allowed myself to be fearful, open, and raw. Unbeknownst to me, that was exactly what I needed for motivation.  I needed to allow myself to FEEL how good it felt and EXPERIENCE a new task. Click the title link above to read the article!

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“Sometimes motivation to pursue your dreams is nothing more than stepping outside the walls of your box and putting one foot in front of the other.” ~ Tansy N. Rodgers