Work stress. Just those two words make my shoulders tense up, my jaw clench, and gives me knots in my stomach. Stress sucks no matter how you put a positive spin on it, but work stress is even worse. For most people, work consumes their average day and we engage most of our energy during the time that we spend at work. Some days can be unpredictable, political, negative, and just down right confrontational.  Let’s face it, some days, the shit hits the proverbial fan and our stress levels can rocket to new heights. Maybe your immediate reaction is to shut down, put your head down, and push through whatever you have to do until you can punch that time clock and hit the road. Maybe you stand tall, puff up your peacock chest, and verbally “fight” your way through it. Maybe- just maybe- you begin to turn on the Niagara Falls water works and you run for the nearest bathroom, or the hills, depending on how fast you can escape. I totally get it and I know how challenging it can be. Here’s the truth bomb— When you REACT, you fail to RESPOND and when you fail to respond, you pull away from your rational mind and you begin to detach from your core needs. When you detach from your core needs, you begin to become unbalanced mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mood swings, chronic negativity, irrational thinking, physical ailments, a lack of purpose, decreased self-esteem and self-worth- all of these are effects from detaching from your core needs. Yikes! So, what do you do? What are some healthy tips that can help you stay connected to yourself, help you to respond rather than react, keep your stress at bay, and decrease the chances that you may tell your boss exactly what is on your mind? To read more, click the title link above!

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“When your mind is in the present, it is unable to run amok in your emotions. The little monkey in your monkey mind is more likely to sit back and eat a banana.”

~Tansy N. Rodgers